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SSDL announces HotBackup - a synchronised dual CompactFlash-based replacement drive for legacy electro-mechanical storage peripherals

SSDL announces Hot Standby - a mirrored dual CompactFlash-based replacement drive for legacy electro-mechanical storage peripherals

  • Reduces risk and avoids the need for costly downtime
  • Provides improved resilience and fault-tolerance
  • Allows full disk image backups without demounting the drive
  • Enables remote management of drive through a dedicated Ethernet port

Reading, UK– November 7, 2019.  Solid State Disks Ltd (SSD), the advanced storage systems design, development and integration specialist, has launched HotBackup, a solid state ‘live host’ backup solution ideally suited for use in process and mission critical legacy computer systems in a broad range of applicationsin the telecommunications, semiconductor manufacturing, industrial process control, engineering and manufacturing, oil and gas, mil/aero and media post-production industries.

Utilizing twin CompactFlash cards, HotBackup is presented to the host system as a single logical drive. Its operation is transparent to the host and conducted as a background task entirely within the device itself. It enables the primary host addressable media to be backed up in background without interrupting the host connection or requiring the host system to be taken offline. HotBackup’s firmware constantly monitors for updates to the primary drive and mirrors these to the secondary drive on-the-fly. In addition, the secondary CF cardcan be dismounted and removed from device and a new cardinserted and synchronized without interruption to the host system.  





















HotBackup can be operated either using SSD’s Recovery Manager software to control functionality from a remote location via a LAN connection or through a single push-button on the front of the device which is ideal for deployments where a LAN connection is either not possible or not allowed. HotBackup requires synchronization every time a new CF card is inserted into the secondary drive, which is achieved by performing a block by block copy of the entire contents of the primary drive. The secondary drive CF card can be removed without interrupting the host connection or requiring the host to be taken offline. This provides several benefits/possibilities including the storage of backups in a safe location, the ability to clone other systems and the creation of multiple point-in-time backups.

HotBackup is available with either twin SSD SCSIFlash2 or PATAFlash2 drives in 50-pin, 68-pin and 80-pin variants supporting 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch or larger 5.25-inch form factors. It operates with CF cards of up to 256GB in capacity.

As with all of SSD’s current range of SCSIFlash2 and PATAFlash2 drives, in addition to providing a ‘live host’ backup capability, HotBackupcan extend the operational life of computer systems that are reliant on legacy storage devices. In this respect, HotBackup provides a solid state, drop-in replacement for ageing and failing legacy electro-mechanical storage systems on crucial computer systems that might otherwise have plenty of life left in them.

“HotBackup is an industry game-changer,” says James Hilken, Sales Director of Solid State Disks. “By providing a ‘live’ backup capability, HotBackup equips process and mission critical legacy systems with increased resilience and an element of fault tolerance, avoiding the need for costly downtime to implement backup operations. At the same time, HotBackup significantly reduces the risk of losing everything in the event of a drive crash and the potential for lost revenue due to ongoing system maintenance.”

For more HotBackup Product Information please contact the SSDL Sales Team or please click here

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